Pattern Memory II 1.0.0

Pattern Memory II 1.0.0: Memorize a multi-colored pattern and recreate it

In this game there will be a grid of blocks. Some of the blocks will be coloured for a few seconds for you to memorize the pattern, the colours will then disappear and you will need to put the colours into the grid to reproduce the original pattern of colours. As the game progresses the grid will be larger and the number of colours will also increase, making the game more and more difficult.

MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65: Rename files in the selected folder with MIKLSOFT RENAMER.
MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65

patterns cataloging your photo and mp3 collection Uppercase/lowercase add counter to new name find and replace function change file extensions insert creation/modification/access/current time & date filtering list of files About the MIKLSOFT Renamer Visual Templates The system of visual templates allows applying different name patterns to every file type. One name pattern can include up to nine fields with the user-set separators in between. Each

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Gems Swap II 1.3.0: Swap gems and destroy them.
Gems Swap II 1.3.0

In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need to swap the positions of gems so that 3 or more gems of the same kind are connected in a straight line and then they will be destroyed. To clear the level you need to destroy gems in all the positions of the pattern. The game is over when time is up. There will be different patterns for each new level.

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Kaleidoscope 2.0.7: Colored pieces are laid out on a game field.  Your task to get a initial pattern
Kaleidoscope 2.0.7

Colored pieces are laid out on a game field. They form a symmetric pattern. After the beginning of party the pieces mix up chaotically. Your task to get a initial pattern. You can move a row or a column only. Any line of pieces are closed in a ring. It means, the pieces, getting out of a game field, will appear on the opposite side. Using `Editor`, you can create any patterns.

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Stellar TextFunk 1.0 ActiveX Type Library

ActiveX Type Library (DLL). Performs commonly needed text related functions like Find And Replace, Return String to Left of Pattern, Return String to Right of Pattern, Count Instances of a Pattern, etc. Help file, sample code, sample application, and redistribution instructions included.

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CandleSticks_Patterns 1: Metatrader forex expert advisors, custom indicators for sale, fully automated tr
CandleSticks_Patterns 1

Metatrader forex expert advisors, custom indicators for sale, fully automated trading system for metatrader, custom programming, This indicator very helpfull to recognize and alert of candlesstick pattern. It could recognize 35 patterns: MorningStar, Doji.The Japanese began using technical analysis to trade rice in the 17th century. While this early version of technical analysis was different from the US version initiated by Charles Dow.

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Neural network designer 1.4

A dbms for neural nets. Create conversive agents, decision trees, random forests, n-grams,... Combine statistical machine learning with pattern based approaches. It provides editors for a thesaurus, text & visual-patterns, mind maps, assets (hierarchical data), code-trees and much more. Also includes extensive debuggers.

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